Nov. 21 (Mon) 11:30-12:30 (JST) Mai (4F)

Can AI be rights-preserving, ethical and still unjust?

Organiser "session owner":
Alison Gillwald, GPAI, Data Justice co-lead, University of Cape Town/ Research ICT Africa
Dewey Murdick, Data Justice co-lead, Georgetown University (Remote)
Opening remarks:
Presentation of the purpose and content of the brief by GPAI Data justice
Project Leads: Alison Gilwald & Dewey Murdick
Proposed Speakers:
  • Government of Canada
Proposed Panelists: (names to be confirmed)
- AUDA-NEPAD (Remote)
- Research ICT Africa (Remote)
- UNESCO (Remote)
- IDRC (Remote)


The session will engage the multistakeholder audience on how practically the recommendations of the Data Justice Policy Brief recently published by the GPAI Data Governance Working Group (DGWG) could be incorporated into data policy and governance frameworks emerging all over the world. The policy brief draws from two policy primers commissioned by the WG on social justice and economic justice and data.
These build on a substantive literature review and policy guides for policy makers,developers and communities and users.