Nov. 21 (Mon) 17:00-18:30 (JST) Mai (4F)

From Theory to Practice - Driving the implementation of AI for climate action

Organiser "session owner":
Name: Nicolas Miailhe
Affiliation: GPAI Steering Committee, Co-Lead RAISE, The Future Society
RAISE Co-chairs will co-moderate the side event.
Nicolas Miailhe, President, The Future Society Lee Tiedrich, Professor, Duke University Raja Chatila, Professor, Sorbonne University
Yoshua Bengio, Founder and Scientific Director, Mila – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute & Professor of Computer Science, University of Montreal
Speakers and Panellists:
invited government officials from GPAI members and elected GPAI experts, as well as invited experts from key organisations such as IPCC and IPBES. Confirmed
GPAI expert:
Arunima Sakar, AI Lead, World Economic Forum. Other Participants are to be confirmed.


Content to be discussed at the session: the side event would focus on the operationalization of RAISE recommendations and the Work Plan 2023. As RAISE moves from theory to practice, the panel discussion would touch on key implementation projects that are supported by GPAI member states, high-impact use cases for AI and climate action/biodiversity preservation (with a high-profile use case from the World Economic Forum on AI for wildfire prevention), as well as ways for members to engage and support RAISE, including at key international platforms like COPs, the IPCC and IPBES, and initiatives such as the Climate Data Steering Committee.

Target audience:
the key target audience for the side events are GPAI member states, discussing ways to leverage AI for climate action and biodiversity preservation. The event would also be of interest to GPAI experts and working groups, international organisations such as IPCC and IPBES, and the wider AI & sustainability ecosystem.
Session goal/expect outcome:
the side event aims to further secure the buy-in and engagement of member states and key international partners to operationalize RAISE recommendations and deploy the Work Plan 2023, to maximise future project impact and value.