Nov. 22 (Tue) 12:00-13:00 (JST) Komorebi (5F)

Standards Schemas as a key tool to operationalize AI regulatory compliance

Organiser "session owner":
Ashley Casovan (Responsible AI Institute), Marc-Etienne Ouimette ( AWS), Lama Saouma (GPAI's Montreal Center of Expertise CEIMIA)
(Virtual) Facilitator/Moderator: Ashley Casovan (Responsible AI Institute)
Marc-Etienne Ouimette, Global Lead, AI Policy - AWS (in person)
Pierre Bilodeau, Vice President, Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement - Standards Council of Canada (virtual)
Florian Ostmann, Head of AI Governance and Regulatory Innovation - Alan Turing Institute (virtual)
Dr. Emmanuel Kahembwe, Chief AI Architect at VDE e.V., CEO at VDE UK (virtual)


Content to be discussed at the session As we continue to operationalize responsible AI, it is clear that standards will play a key role, including in demonstrating compliance with relevant regulations. However, most standards remain relatively high level – fantastic for flexibility to address numerous different use cases, but less useful when it comes to providing more granular guidance to smaller or less sophisticated actors. This panel will explore the role of SCHEMAS in bringing standards from the general to the more specific, based on use-cases.

Target audience AI practitioners; regulators; private sector actors.

Session goal/expect outcome Help regulators and practitioners understand the crucial role that SCHEMAS will play in operationalizing responsible AI compliance.