Nov. 22 (Tue) 16:00-17:30 Tsubaki 1(5F)

AI4SME Portal Adoption Rollout Discussion and Demonstration

Organiser "session owner":
Innovation and Commercialisation WG - Laurence Liew & Françoise Soulié
Laurence Liew (onsite), Françoise Soulié (video)


Content to be discussed at the session
The SME portal (a project headed by the I&C Working Group), aims to match SMEs who are AI Unaware and AI Aware with AI solution providers that have the relevant experience in delivering the AI solutions that meet the needs of the SMEs. The portal is a demonstration of the SME Committee’s recommendations and allows any GPAI Member to customize it according to its own local context and manage the portal with their appointed portal operator.

During this session, the following content could be discussed.

  1. Overview of Broad Adoption of AI by SME project
  2. Objectives of the SME Portal
  3. Discussions on the feedback from SME Portal trial
  4. Next steps rollout planning
Target audience
Experts, Members and stakeholders keen to rollout SME programs in their country.
Session goal/expect outcome
We hope to get agreement and consensus for adoption of the SME Portal or the ideas and recommendations implemented in the SME Portal by Members.