Japan 3

Nov. 22 (Tue) 14:00-15:00 Mai (4F)

AI for disaster risk reduction to realize a resilient society: Current situation and issues in Japan

Organiser "session owner":
Fujitsu Limited
Julia Klein Fujitsu Ltd
Deputy Manager, Disaster Information Research Division
National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience
Takayuki Odawara
Executive Officer, General Manager of Business Dept., Synspective Inc.
Yusuke Oishi
Research Principal, Research Unit, Fujitsu Ltd.
Visiting Professor, International Research Institute of Disaster Science,
Tohoku University
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In response to frequent natural disasters, in Japan, the application of AI is being promoted in each process of disaster management, such as initial response, recovery, and reconstruction. Examples include real-time hazard prediction from observation data and satellite image analysis to understand the extent of damage in the event of a disaster. On the other hand, the handling of uncertainty in AI inference and learning of AI from disaster data, which is difficult to obtain in sufficient quantity, have become issues in the field application. In this session, experts will provide topics on their efforts related to disaster risk reduction using AI. After that, there will be discussions on the issues and solutions for expanding the use of AI in disaster mitigation, as well as future prospects. Through the above discussion, the direction of AI utilization and international collaboration for realizing a resilient society will be examined from the perspective of both technology and field application.