Japan 8

Nov. 21 (Mon) 10:30-11:00 Mai (4F)

Approach to Social Inclusion, Responsible AI and Startups

Organiser "session owner":
Japan Deep Learning Association
*Japan Deep Learning Association *
  1. *Ryuta Itabashi, Haruki Fujimaki,Takahiro Kinoshita (TAKAO AI, Ltd) With product demonstration by TAKAO AI*
  2. *Takafumi Ochiai (Atsumi & Sakai, the Research Commission on Digital Administration WG, the Startup New Market Creation Taskforce by METI)*
  3. Arisa Ema (The University of Tokyo, Japan Deep Learning Association)


Content to be discussed at the session
The session highlights startups challenges for making an impact on inclusiveness in society. First presenter will be a showcase of startups working on social needs, developing a real-time Braille translation system to help people with vision-impaired disabilities. The next follow-up session will emphasize the needs of support systems and partnership with external stakeholders to ensure the technology development trusted in the society. Taking the case as one of the practices, proposes the concept of AI governance ecosystem, addressing its importance involving various actors and entities in AI utilization to interact for innovation in a way to ensure responsible AI.
Target audience
Startups, Government, Private sectors, Citizen, People with disabilities and supporting groups, Non-profit organizations
Session goal/expect outcome
Raise awareness on AI’s potential for creating social inclusiveness especially for people with special needs by maximizing startups’ capability with support systems.
Dissemination of AI governance ecosystem concept and its practice for responsible AI
Presentation 1: Overcoming information divide by utilizing AI technology: development of Braille transcriber, by Ryuta Itabashi (TAKAO AI, Ltd) (10min)
This presentation includes a demonstration of the AI product “:::doc (tendoc)” by Haruki Fujimaki (TAKAO AI).
Presentation 2: Public and private partnership initiatives for supporting Startups’ deployment of AI and new technologies in view of social environments and regulations, by Takafumi
Ochiai (Atsumi & Sakai) (10min)
Presentation 3: Establishing the AI governance ecosystem, by Arisa Ema (The University of Tokyo, Japan Deep Learning Association) (10min)